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Pooya Mohaghegh

Pooya Mohaghegh


Pooya Mohaghegh is a designer, programmer, fabricator, and Lecturer of Product Design. He holds a Master of Architecture from the University of Kentucky’s School of Architecture. Pooya worked for 5 years as a fabrication specialist at the College of Design Fabrication Lab specializing in digital fabrication, woodworking, metal fabrication, Computer-Aided Design, and Computer-Aided Machining. Pooya has worked as a fabricator for numerous digitally designed installations and art shows.

Pooya’s design process looks at the intersection of digital and physical fabrication. His process looks to improve the integration of digital fabrication through modes of automation. His works included a deep understanding of CNC machining and applied robotics in the ongoing language of communication between humans and machines through the lens of design making.

Courses Taught

PRD 115 Form Workshop I

PRD 116 Form Workshop II

PRD 121 Product Design Studio I

PRD 150 Computer Aided Design I - Rhino

PRD 170 Colloquium

PRD 260 Design Visualization: Digital

Pooya Mohaghegh