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Project Internship

Project Internship

El Toro is currently in the process of designing a new office building for us to relocate to by Spring 2020. This has opened the need for an intern to assist in this project.

El Toro is a marketing organization that views IP addresses differently than most companies. To us, an IP address is a way to connect businesses and marketers to their customers and prospects with a new approach to online advertising: IP Targeting. We match physical addresses to IP addresses with extreme precision with our offline data on-boarding capabilities and patented one-to-one marketing technology, allowing you to utilize Account Based Marketing tactics, CRM targeting, and more! El Toro offers multiple advertising products stemming from our IP Targeting algorithm, including Geo-Framing ™ targeting technology, all of which are helping change digital advertising.

This would be a paid internship. The pay is still being discussed and is currently negotiable. This would be an entry level opportunity. The intern would not  have a hand in designing the new building, but there may be some opportunities that present themselves for the intern to utilize his/her design skill set. There is not currently a job description for this role, but the main responsibilities of the intern would be to ensure that contractors and other workers are staying on schedule and to record notes in meetings allowing the individual to get firsthand experience in the design world. We would like to fill this position as soon as possible so the start date would be immediate. There is not a scheduled end date for this internship, however it will run through March 2020 at least and likely longer. The schedule for the internship is flexible. The main need of availability will be during the middle of business hours. We are more than willing to accommodate a student’s class schedule and workload.

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