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Post Graduate Full-time Positions

Post Graduate Full-time Positions

It is AXIOM Architecture’s mission to design solutions and enrich our client’s environment. We strive to satisfy the needs of the client and users to create spaces that meet functional, financial, strategic, and aesthetic goal. We currently operate in an open studio.  The atmosphere is laid-back and collaborative. Many projects that come out of our office are touched by all members of the team. We design and produce construction documents in Revit and provide renderings for our clients using Lumion. We conduct a weekly huddle to review the job board so that everyone is aware of job statuses.We are well versed in code and our project delivery ranges from simple code approval to design-build, and design-bid-build.

Our firm is small, but we handle a large workload. We have a team mentality, and strive to operate in that manner. An intern or new hire will have the opportunity to be a part of all phases of projects. This is a learning environment where we openly share knowledge and we look forward to the energy a UK CoD intern or post graduate will bring to our team.

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