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Full-time Architecture Internship

Full-time Architecture Internship

Gresham Smith is a team of diligent designers, creative problem-solvers, insightful planners and seasoned collaborators who work closely with clients to improve the cities and towns we call home. Our employees are diverse in experience, yet we all have one thing in common: genuine care for each other, our partners and the outcome of our work. From roadways and pathways that connect people and places, to hospitals that promote well-being and recovery, to corporate campuses that encourage productivity and teamwork, we have the pleasure of designing communities’ most vital institutions and infrastructure.

We are offering an in-person, full-time architecture internship here in our Industrial Department in our Nashville, TN office. I am a recent UK grad and I interned in this department a couple times throughout getting my masters before returning after my graduation to start full-time.

The group is beyond professional and genuinely care about ALL employees no matter your rank. We work with large corporate clients and provide them with high performing manufacturing facilities. These facilities typically include office space which can present great opportunities for design. You can expect this internship to provide you with Revit training, safety training, career development opportunities, hands-on experience with various phases of design, and mentorship opportunities. Not to mention seriously getting your foot in the door for a job opportunity when the time is right. I can speak to this internship because I interned here twice so I am well versed in this process and know that is truly a great experience.

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