Workshop: Think Like a Photographer / Think Like a Robot | Nov. 8 & 10 – University of Kentucky College of Design
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Workshop: Think Like a Photographer / Think Like a Robot | Nov. 8 & 10

Think Like a Photographer / Think Like a Robot

A 2-day workshop led by Josh Sprinkling of Studio Public

Architecture at a very fundamental level is a form of language, implemented in order to represent and speak to humanities greatest aspirations, desires, history, and fears. In architecture school you learn how to speak architecture, through methods of site interpretation; shaping architectural forms; programming; creating and capturing space; controlling and manipulating light and shadow, and building relationships between structures, materials, and building systems. Once you learn this language of architecture you will possess an ability to translate, through buildings, the voice of culture.

This workshop will consist of two sections focusing on two interconnected themes. The first is architectural visualization, or the construction of a visual narrative which tells the story of architectural intention. It is an art form that requires in depth understanding of architecture as a design practice, as well as an understanding of architecture as a place within the larger story of culture. At its core, it is visual narrative in service to architecture. In order to do this effectively, it is essential to approach the task by “thinking like a photographer”.

The second theme will focus on AI text-based image making as an ideation tool for architecture — an approach that essentially flips the relationship of architectural visualization, where narrative is in service to an architectural design, and instead places images of architecture in the service of narrative. In text-based image prompting, written language now becomes the driver for the “language” of architecture. Until now, thoughts and ideas about what architecture could be were subject to the speed at which one can sketch, draw, model, or “render” an idea into existence. We now have the ability, with near immediacy, to write down our thoughts, and AI will visually represent the story that we are telling.

This workshop will take place via Zoom on Tuesday, Nov. 8 and Thursday, Nov 10 from 7-9pm EST.

To register, contact SoA professor Martin Summers.

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Workshop: Think Like a Photographer / Think Like a Robot | Nov. 8 & 10