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Undergraduate Work-Study Research Assistantship Opportunities

College of Design Students,

In Fall 2023, the College of Design will be offering a number of undergraduate student research assistantships as part of UK’s work-study research assistant program (WRAP). This program is designed to help federal work-study (FWS) eligible students develop research skills and explore their academic interests. If you are unsure of your eligibility, please reach out to your UK Financial Aid Counselor to confirm prior to applying.

Opportunities are listed below. The application deadline is Friday, October 20.

Faculty: Jason Scroggin
Link to Apply: https://ukjobs.uky.edu/postings/491037
Description: Assist with fabrication, assembly, and representation for a design research installation and publication.

Faculty: Galo Canizares
Link to Apply: https://ukjobs.uky.edu/postings/491029
Description: Duties for this research assistant include: Collaborate with instructor to research new software methodologies; produce instructional videos related to software skills for the Critical Software Lab; aid in compiling materials for critical software instruction; researching technologies for use in design and architecture.

Faculty: Leen Katrib
Link to Apply: https://ukjobs.uky.edu/postings/491022
Description: The Research Assistant will work with Assistant Professor Leen Katrib on an ongoing historical research project that examines the expansion of 3 university campuses into a Hispanic neighborhood in Denver, CO—an endeavor that was directed by a former student of Mies van der Rohe. In Fall 2023, the Research Assistant will spend no more than 10 hours/week assisting in the production of analytical drawings, collages, animations, and other representations—all of which will be part of an upcoming exhibition at Lexington Art League between February 9 – March 29, 2024. Between February 5-8, 2024, the Research Assistant will be involved (for a limited # of hours) in on-site assembly of fabricated pieces of the exhibition at Loudoun House.

Faculty: Kristi Bartlett
Link to Apply: https://ukjobs.uky.edu/postings/491015
Description: Your responsibilities in this project will include finishing the programming of a Unity game that has already been started by my team. The game is designed to increase representation and confidence for children with disabilities. After the programming and internal testing of the game is done, you can choose to continue working on the project by assisting with testing the game with children and publishing the results in an HCI conference paper.

Faculty: Anne Filson and Gary Rohrbacher
Link to Apply: https://ukjobs.uky.edu/postings/491008
Description: This semester, Professors Rohrbacher and Filson will be using the CNC in the CoD’s FabLab to cut wood blanks out of thick hardwood slabs (from UK’s Forestry program for reclaimed campus trees). We’re planning to use these hardwood blanks for two upcoming exhibitions. To assist us, we are looking for undergrads, who would like to work alongside us to prepare wood blanks.

Faculty: Patrick Lee Lucas
Link to Apply: https://ukjobs.uky.edu/postings/490996
Description: Research undertaken by an undergraduate student will be in support of an ongoing project on language and home spaces. This inherently cross- and multi-disciplinary project features analytical tools from the fields of design, architecture, anthropology, material culture, and linguistics. In focusing on language and the home, student researchers will come to understand how the physical elements of design and the words we use for those elements interact to create and negotiate our ideas about the spaces in which we dwell.

Faculty: Jennifer Meakins
Link to Apply: https://ukjobs.uky.edu/postings/492651
Description: The student assistant will be helping with compiling and organizing literary and project references related to the following topics: craft, digital knitting, and textiles. This will include literature review as well as diagramming and modeling to assist with current and projected large-scale installation projects. In anticipation of new lab equipment, the faculty will work with the student to teach them digital knitting software for use on Stoll knitting machines.

If you have additional questions, contact Associate Dean for Research Lindsey Fay.

Undergraduate Work-Study Research Assistantship Opportunities