Summer Elective: PRD 540: Physical Computing – University of Kentucky College of Design
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Summer Elective: PRD 540: Physical Computing

PRD 540: Physical Computing
Topics in Advanced Materials and Processes

June 14 – August 10 | Tuesday/Thursday 9-11:30am
Online | 3 credits | Assistant Professor Justin Lund

Learn how to create tangible, engaging, and interactive prototypes to validate your creative concepts!

This online course will introduce you to Arduino, a development platform created to help non-engineers learn how to code and create interactive experiences. Leveraging its beginner-friendly platform, we will explore learning how to code using Arduino’s programming language including using sensors to convert physical information into digital signals, and how to translate those signals to outputs like light, sound, and vibration. Several exercises during the course lead you to the creation of your own interactive design concept as a final project. We welcome anyone interested in learning about or creating interactive objects or environments. (As this is a distance learning course, you will need a laptop suitable for participating in online classes; all other equipment and technology will be provided.)

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Summer Elective: PRD 540: Physical Computing