Spring 2023 Interiors Electives – University of Kentucky College of Design
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Spring 2023 Interiors Electives

The following elective courses will be offered by the School of Interiors in Spring 2023.

ID 359 / ID 561

Special Topics in Interiors: Degrees of Separation 

3 credits | Spring 2023  | TR 2:30-3:45pm

Investigations into how boundaries between ‘in’ and ‘out’ are drawn. Throughout this course, students will collect and categorize exemplary edge strategies across time and space, then test implications through stories and drawings. This elective is suited to students in Design or allied disciplines, but it is open to students in their third year of study or above who are interested in the course content. Instructor approval required.

ID 359 / ID 561 

Special Topics in Interiors: Pattern, Form, Immersion

3 credits | Spring 2023 | TR 1:00-2:15pm

Pattern is much more than a type of applique; it is a key vector of visual input that is intrinsically related to form, light, and material. In this seminar, students learn tools — both physical and digital — for generating and critically utilizing custom patterning. Students should be prepared to create physical work, as pattern is heavily influenced by its particular fabrication method. 

This course merges theory and making in equal parts. Patterning is rich with cultural content, often communicating (or intentionally miscommunicating) the era, origin, identity, material, or value of the work. The study and use of pattern thus creates an opportunity for students to question the cannon and reframe disciplinary boundaries.

The theory and making components in this course are formulated to be accessible to and achievable by all students from all disciplines and with any level of experience. In lieu of a required textbook purchase, students should be prepared to contribute a minimal fee for materials.

ID 659 | Spring 2023 | Professor Hannah Dewhirst

Graduate Interiors Studio: Digital + Material Technologies

Advanced graduate level studio, based in the practice of thinking-through-making (material experimentation, fabrication, and analysis). This studio will capitalize upon university-wide resources, collaborating with multiple disciplines and experts related to science, material technology, and fabrication to innovate materials and their experiential properties at full scale.

Open to all graduate level students, instructor approval required.

Spring 2023 Interiors Electives