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SOA Professors Take to the Air!

Inspired by the bourbon stills of Louisville’s famed spirit, The Intertwining – a sculpture by School of Architecture professors Mike McKay and Liz Swanson – will find permanent residence at the Louisville International Airport in summer 2018.

“Suspended within the airport’s rotunda, the structure is designed to create an optical experience for passersby, regardless of their distance, vantage point or pace,” said McKay.

As visitors move toward and around the piece, the many layers of lines will produce a moiré effect, resulting in the illusion of birds in flight or the flow of moving clouds. The sculpture has been designed as a composition of 300 flat steel sections, organized radially.
To further enhance the recent renovations at the airport, The Intertwining is a unique experiential piece that will engage travelers with a visceral experience.

“We hope this sensation inspires curiosity in those visiting Louisville for the first time,” said Swanson, “as well as for those returning to the airport on a regular basis.”

The project team includes SOA alum Thompson Burry, SOA Professor Peyman Jahed of BFMJ, and fabrication facility MakeTime of Lexington. For further details about the project, visit

SOA Professors Take to the Air!

A rendering of The Intertwining, by Thompson Burry and Mike McKay.