SOA Professor Scroggin Presents at Conference – University of Kentucky College of Design
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SOA Professor Scroggin Presents at Conference

Associate Professor of Architecture Jason Scroggin presented the installation project, Love Stack, from his elective course Fabricating Play at the University of Oklahoma for the recent “Schools of Thought” conference.

The graduate level design and fabrication elective entitled Fabricating Play: Tectonics Typology, and Distribution taught in Spring 2019 explores the use of the systematic processes of digital design and fabrication directed towards the development of large-scale interactive objects or a “micro-architecture.” The constructed objects consider the relationship to human scale and proportion, materiality, and method of fabrication and assembly. The project evolves through research, discussion, and fabrication over the course of 14 weeks.

The course begins with set of material experiments that bring together two inherently different materials (e.g., soft and hard). The students take agency over the design investigation from the start by selecting the materials, setting up the procedures, and documenting the results to discover concepts, qualities, and rigor of implementation through intuitive making. Each student develops their own project for the first half of the semester working back and forth between concept, fabrication, analysis, and evaluation seeking an efficient and economical means of production and deployment. Through an evolutionary process of selection and synthesis of the students’ proposals, a final design emerged, the Love Stack, a social kiosk comprised of 160 layers of CNC milled OSB contours vertically stacked and assembled on site by the student team.

The project was developed for the 2019 Beaux Arts Ball, a charity event organized by the student run nonprofit organization, the Beaux Arts Foundation, and was funded through a grant sponsored by the UK Student Sustainability Council in collaboration with the UK Department of Landscape Architecture.

Course Participants: Shane Carter, Shawn Cosby, Ryan Fortner, Stephen Inabnit, Ataberk Karabulut, Emerson Mudd, Allie Schawe, Tommy Trimbach and Lucas Wheeler

Video of construction process by Lucas Wheeler:

SOA Professor Scroggin Presents at Conference