Jean Jaminet | April 11 – University of Kentucky College of Design
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Jean Jaminet | April 11

Jean Jaminet, Assistant Professor in the College of Architecture at Kent State University, will give a lecture on Monday, April 11 at 5pm in Pence 209, followed by an exhibition on the first floor of Pence Hall. Titled “Intelligence Beyond Serlio,” the lecture examines the illustrations of Sebastiano Serlio through the lens of artificial¬†intelligence. Technological insights are disclosed that realign ideas about language and drawing that have been fundament to the building arts. Experimental design research is presented that stimulates alternative modes of perception and alludes to new languages and forms of expression yet to be discovered.

Participants will learn about:

  • Machine learning and emerging modes of virtual design production.
  • Ways in which AI systems process information.
  • Digital imaging and the perception of the built environment.
  • Renewed technological relevance of the disciplinary treatise.

The lecture will also be streamed via Zoom for individuals who cannot attend in person.

Join the Zoom webinar
from Mac, PC, Linux or mobile device

following the lecture

The Serlio Code
April 11-25 | Pence Hall First Floor
Jean Jaminet, Gabriel Esquivel and Shane Bungi
Kent State University and Texas A&M University

Jean Jaminet | April 11