Human [re]Figure | March 31 + April 5 – University of Kentucky College of Design
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Human [re]Figure | March 31 + April 5

Human [re]Figure

An online workshop led by Hazem Talaat | Friday 3/31 + Wednesday 4/5 | 7-10pm

(with a follow-up discussion on Wednesday, April 12)

This workshop will explore the human figure in architectural representation. Why do you simply choose a generic figure or a figure from a database that everyone else also uses? Why wouldn’t you consider the specific person who might inhabit your space, how would they look, how would they dress, how would they behave. This specificity of the body in space can add to the specificity of the architectural story you want to tell, and should be considered when you make a representation.

***Prerequisite for this workshop requires a working knowledge of Rhino 3D and Adobe Suite.


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Human [re]Figure | March 31 + April 5