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HP Symposium Earns KY Heritage Council Award

Congratulations go out to the Department of Historic Preservation in the College of Design, which was honored Tuesday, May 30, with the Service to Preservation Award from the Kentucky Heritage Council. This award was given for the Historic Preservation Symposium, the annual conference that Professor Clyde Carpenter and Michael Spencer (former Symposium co-director and now associate professor at University of Mary Washington) premiered in 2005 to introduce students and others to innovative work shaping the boundaries of historic preservation practice; the Symposium brings together a range of speakers to discuss current topics in an accessible format. The council recognizes the efforts of Clyde Carpenter, Michael Spencer, Douglas Appler, Allison Carll-White, and students in the Historic Preservation Graduate Organization/UK College of Design.

“The Historic Preservation Symposium grows in strength and character each year as people realize the issues involving historic preservation extend beyond the physical building and into our culture,” said Dr. Allison Carll-White, chair of the Department of Historic Preservation. “We are grateful to receive this award in honor of our work to push the boundaries of preservation awareness.”

The awards are presented each May during National Historic Preservation Month and recognize excellence in the preservation of historic buildings and cultural resources through investment, advocacy, volunteerism, building partnerships, public involvement, lifelong commitment or significant achievement. “It is such an honor for our program, and a tribute to Clyde Carpenter, to have this recognition, and to be among so many in the Commonwealth who are enthusiastic about the history of place and its ability to teach us,” said Dean Mitzi Vernon. “Moreover, this is incentive to further define this department as the best in the nation – totally doable!”

HP Symposium Earns KY Heritage Council Award

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