Gray Design Building Update | October 2023 – University of Kentucky College of Design
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Gray Design Building Update | October 2023

We are at an exciting juncture as progress on the Gray Design Building continues to unveil the University of Kentucky’s vision for an innovative and collaborative workspace for all design programs at UK.? ?Construction began a little more than a year ago, but the transformation of the building has been remarkable; the former Reynolds Tobacco warehouse is distinctly evolving into the future Gray Design Building.

Geothermal Climate Control

The new line for our geothermal climate system is now fully installed. This geothermal system, the first at UK, plays a pivotal role in efficiently heating the building and will work to reduce the building’s carbon footprint.? ?Additionally, framing of the clerestory in the central clearing has been completed and is being prepared for window installation. The clerestory will promote energy efficiency by providing natural light throughout the open areas of the upper floor as it dramatically lights the clearing space.

Interior Spaces

GDB interior

One recent change with a big impact on the building’s interior clarity is the drywalling and painting of its offices and corridors. These rooms will soon serve as hubs for conversation, progress, and innovation; the completion of these walls makes that vision clearer.

On the Horizon

GDB Clearing Stair

One of the intended hallmarks of the Gray Design Building, the clearing stair, will be installed around mid-October. This component of the building will serve to both visually and physically connect the two levels, expanding upon the open and collaborative nature of its design.

Fabrication Dock GDB

Another upcoming milestone of the GDB’s progress involves its exterior spaces. The Fabrication Dock – an outdoor space for students to construct large-scale projects – will continue to take shape over the next few months. Recently, the subsurface area of the Fabrication Dock was prepared for upcoming construction. The next steps involve installing the steel columns that will support the Maker Marquee. This task will be completed in October and will prepare the space for further installation of the canopy.

We are grateful for the support of the University of Kentucky and our dedicated alumni, friends, and donors. The Gray Design Building will be a hub of creativity, innovation, and design education that will dramatically elevate the role of design at the university and in Kentucky. Your belief in the importance of fostering excellence in all fields of design has played a significant role in making this project possible.

We look forward to sharing further achievements in the coming months.

Gray Design Building Update | October 2023