Gray Design Building Update | August 2023 – University of Kentucky College of Design
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Gray Design Building Update | August 2023

Summary of Project Status

Overall Progress:

  • Project Duration: 17 Months
  • Start Date: August 22, 2022
  • Substantial Completion: January 22, 2024
  • Current Date: August 2023
  • Months Complete: 12 months
  • Percent Complete: 70.6%

Major Accomplishments and Completions


  • Maker Yard Demolition Complete: Cleared the area for future development.
  • Rock Anchors for Buttresses Installed: Strengthening the building‘s foundation.

Lower Level:

  • New Steam Line Complete: Ensuring efficient heating systems.
  • Electrical Room Drywall Installed: Progress towards completing the building‘s electrical control center.

Middle Level:

  • Lobby Floor Infill Complete: Unified the lobby space for improved aesthetics and function.
  • Painting Done in Offices and Corridors: Adds to the building‘s modern appearance.

Upper Level:

  • Clerestory Framing Complete: Allows for better natural light and energy efficiency.
  • Floor Sanding in Studio Spaces: Prepares the area for design work and activities.

Upcoming Milestones for the Gray Design Building Project

Mechanical Systems:

  • First HVAC Equipment Start-Up: Scheduled for 09/25/23 to ensure climate control effectiveness.

Interior Construction:

  • Install New Center Stair: Planned for 10/16/23 to facilitate better building navigation.

Exterior Construction:

  • Install New Canopy Columns: Expected to be completed by 10/16/23, enhancing the building‘s external appearance.
Gray Design Building Update | August 2023

Upper level of Gray Design Building, showing the openings for the Forum and the Clearing Stair. Photo 7/13/23.