Gesture & Craft | March 29 + 30 – University of Kentucky College of Design
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Gesture & Craft | March 29 + 30

Gesture & Craft: Advanced Modeling Workflows from High Resolution 3D Scans

An online workshop led by Patrick Danahy of Ball State University | Wednesday 3/29 + Thursday 3/30 | 6:30-10:30pm

(with a follow-up discussion on Friday, April 7)

With the prevalence of contemporary surveying tools, including photogrammetry, lidar scanning, and neural radiance mapping, comes a set of workflow obstacles including irregular mesh topologies, and high polygon mesh models. These obstacles limit the potential use of these tools for surveying and design workflows, where geometric control is often sacrificed for high resolution artifact retrieval. In this workshop, we will leverage explicit and procedural modeling techniques to develop pseudo architectural elements from a high-resolution 3D scanned mesh collection. Base geometric primitives are used to build out formal elements, while custom brushes and alphas will be used for explicit texturing, and finally the operative design models will be retopologized, cleaned and UV mapped using conformal mapping techniques to be sent into rendering software for final image production. This workshop offers a full design workflow from simulated discovery, surveying, compositing, advanced modeling, and image production with procedural material shaders based on geometric properties.

***Prerequisite for this workshop requires a working knowledge of Rhino 3D. You will be introduced to Z-Brush and Keyshot or possibly simply use VRay.


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Gesture & Craft | March 29 + 30