Exhibit Columbus (Marty Summers Exhibiting) – University of Kentucky College of Design
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Exhibit Columbus (Marty Summers Exhibiting)

Exhibit Columbus Features School of Architecture

Located on the grounds of Central Middle School, the University Installations showcase the cutting-edge work of six Midwestern universities – including the School of Architecture at the UK College of Design – with master’s programs in architecture and design.

The University Installations is just one part of Exhibit Columbus, which opens Saturday, Aug. 26 in Columbus, Indiana. Exhibit Columbus seeks to celebrate Columbus’ design heritage while making it relevant to new audiences.

SOA’s installation – Indelible Pattern(s )– aspires to communicate with the history of Columbus while leveraging contemporary techniques, technologies, and processes. Regulating lines, forms, and landscape in the immediate context inscribe the geometry with a sense of place, while other organizational rules evade, obfuscate, or delay direct comprehension. Voids frame iconic towers beyond, while pattern and geometry subtly allude to other unforgettable objects.

Exhibit Columbus (Marty Summers Exhibiting)