Discotopia | October 21 – University of Kentucky College of Design
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Discotopia | October 21

When 21c Lexington invited Jason Scroggin to host his Spring 2020 ‘Fabricating Play’ course in the museum, no one knew what the coming year would hold. The class’s aim was to imagine, design, troubleshoot, fabricate, and install an original site-specific artwork. Scroggin and his students used the museum as a classroom, envisioning possible installations in the space around them. But halfway through the creative process, the world paused, school went online, and museums closed their doors. 

A year later, with the support of the UK College of Design and 21c Lexington, Scroggin and his team revived the installation plan and made the students’ design into a reality. The fabrication and construction process involved continual revisions and editing, learning from the materials and processes. And the final installation is an elegant deconstruction of the classic disco ball, transformed into a mirrored topographical sculpture. 
Fabricating Play UK/CoD ARC 599/499 Design Elective Spring 2020 

Fabricating Play explores the use of the systematic processes of digital design and fabrication directed towards the development of an architectural installation that considers how the resulting artifact may activate user participation. This full-scale intervention will serve as a prototype for the design and production of architecture. 

Discotopia is a flexible textile surface comprised of 784 mirrored tiles resembling an unrolled and undulating disco ball. It can be manipulated into an infinite variety of forms by adjusting the nylon lines suspending it from above. It exhibits a wide array of lighting patterns as well as a presenting a fragmented reflective surface distorting its environment and the images of its inhabitants. 

Instructor: Jason Scroggin, Associate Professor of Architecture 
2020 Participants: Destini Chenault, Lauren Davis, Dallas Johns, Heather Reeves, Sydney Rocha, Brad Rodriguez, Kadin Setters, Trevor Sparks, and Ben Thornton. 
2021 Installation: Lauren Davis, Heather Reeves, Kadin Setters, Ben Thornton, Dallas Johns, Olivia Rippetoe, and Sarah Madison Brown. 

Special thanks to the UK College of Design, Alex Brooks, and Paul Masterson for helping realize the project.

Discotopia | October 21