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Design Mentorship Assignments Announced

This year’s Design Mentorship Program has begun. CoD students who completed the form to request a mentor or to participate as a mentor have been matched! Below are the mentor/mentee pairings:

Mentor | Mentee(s)

Jose Luster | Abigail Neiheisel, Jacqueline Russell

Whitney Corcoran | Akayla Bailey, Alejandra Gonzalez

Anne Beckert | Alyssa Ramsey

Tori Vaughn | Lainey Barschak, Annie-Beth Gross

Joe Holliday | Olivia Day, Benjamin Oliver

Grant Shaw | Brandon Sarrett

Brooke Blanchette | Breanna Grant, Sydney Lattis

Hunter Halfhil | Caroline Bowling, Dana Dickerson

Ethan Barnett | Cassidy Risner

Dylan Brewer | Chase William Faulkner

Daniel Langford | Katie Plummer, Hannah Whitley

Kate Schaefer | Deaven Covington, Natalie Leon

Emily Andressan | Erin Bast, Nina Moore

Trevor Cox | Meredith Lewis, Heather Reeves

Arianna Bairde | Jennifer Hoy, Cas McCguffey

Brandon Nelson | Grace Butler, Johnathan Harvell

Chaysen Smith | Joanne Lagazo

Montreale Jones | Jordan Traux

Emily Tashijian | Kate Chaudoin, Cassie Stevens

Claire Jackson | Hayley Faught, Kallen O’Shea

Harley Fields | Kelsey Broyles

Samuel Tonkovich | Laura Tankersley

Hannah Engle | Lillian Pelletier

Owen Sadrzadeh | Mike McMullen

Jane Foot | Taely Freeman, Madison Warren

Abisai Martinez | Victorene Frimpong, Meghan Elizabeth Luecht

Abigal Camfield | Kendra Brown, Makenzie Elizabeth Garbet

Rachel Jackson | Sadie Middleton, Jennifer Stieben

Alexa King | Ashleigh Bryant, Caroline Grace Middleton

If you did not complete the form by the deadline, there is still time to participate. Go to Student Services on the website, and on the left-side navigation, click on Design Mentorship Program (see photo). That will take you to the middle of the page where you can click on the application form.

Design Mentorship Assignments Announced