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Design-Build Gets a Boost

As mentioned in the $5.25 million gift from Gray Inc., a portion of the pledge is allocated toward an exciting initiative in the College of Design: The Design-Build Program in the School of Architecture.

According to the gift agreement, $700,000 shall be used to establish and support a non-endowed fund that will be used to elevate and strengthen this program.

Vice President Franklin Gray noted, “Investing in an enhanced Design-Build program led by the School of Architecture and supported by the Gatton College of Business and Economics and the College of Engineering is our way of showing gratitude. We at Gray are grateful for the relationships, and the many graduates, faculty and staff who have helped us along the way. The Gray Design Building has great promise to inspire our students, and sponsoring the new program and the rebirth of Reynolds is a unique opportunity that we are pleased to support.”

The Dean of the College, in consultation with the Director of the School of Architecture and the Building Technology Coordinator shall determine the specific use(s) of the program fund to support the needs of the program.

Twice yearly during the payment of this portion of the gift, the individuals mentioned above will meet with the donor’s representatives to review the program’s results and goals. Pursuant to the Kentucky State statute, the University’s Board of Trustees retains control of curriculum development and implementation.

In a spirit of collaboration and appreciation for the donor’s expertise in the design-build area, both parties agree to pursue the following:

  • The donor will review and provide suggestions regarding the curriculum as it relates to the design-build delivery method, along with current trends in the architecture, engineering, and construction industries.
  • The program will coordinate with the College of Engineering and the Gatton College of Business and Economics on curriculum development and implementation, and classes will be taught by faculty from each college.

It is anticipated that the program will receive all required approvals, including any required by the University Senate, by end of Spring 2023. All classes will commence in Fall 2023 when funding begins. Upon full implementation, the courses of the program will support a graduate certificate as well as a graduate degree in Design-Build.

With the Gray building as a spatial and academic foundation, our aspiration is to implement one of the strongest Design-Build programs in the country. We are grateful for the Gray blended and generous gift which enables this academic launch.

Design-Build Gets a Boost