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CoD Scholarship Applications Now Open

The window for scholarship applications is now open and will remain open through Monday March 21, 2022 at 5pm. The Honors and Awards Committee highly encourages you to apply by filling out a General Scholarship application form (link at the bottom of this message). If you wish to apply for travel funding, you may apply for either the General CoD Travel Award or the Zolondek Travel Award, depending on your travel plans.  

College of Design scholarships are single-year awards. You must apply with each cycle to be eligible to be considered for subsequent years. Scholarships are primarily merit-based, but your financial need will also be taken into consideration. All current/returning students in the College of Design are eligible to apply for scholarships  

Please note: Should you be the recipient of an award, you may be asked to fulfill the specific requirements of that award, or in any case, you’ll be asked to reach out to the donor of your award with a letter of thanks. Donor thank-you letters are a required component of receiving scholarships. Scholarships are subject to forfeit if thank-you letters are not submitted as specified by the College of Design. 

Good luck, and we look forward to receiving your application. 

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CoD Scholarship Applications Now Open