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CoD offers new online certificate in Digital Design Literacy

The Undergraduate Certificate in Digital Design Literacy is a four-course (12 credit hour) program offered by the College of Design. The core value of the online Digital Design Literacy certificate is the belief that digital literacy and good design can enhance the vitality, effectiveness and impact of any project. The program leverages leading-edge technologies and existing online platforms to address the emergent need for both digital fluency and design savvy. From establishing a resonant online presence to capitalizing on the availability of DIY software and tools, digital design and literacy online is increasingly essential for entrepreneurs and creatives alike.

The program offers a suite of courses that can serve students and professionals throughout the Commonwealth, allowing enrollees to harness the power of design technologies for their professional growth and personal use. The program requires students to successfully complete 4 of 5 courses that can be taken in any order. These include: a discussion course that introduces students to the vocabulary of visual culture, representation, and implications of visual culture in the digital age; and four technical courses that facilitate the creation of high-impact digital products. Students will learn how to read and create powerful images, cultivate a message using various online platforms, and use digital techniques to fabricate three-dimensional prototypes. Upon completion, students will be able to engage the digital world with confidence.

To complete the Certificate in Digital Design Literacy, students must complete four of the following courses:

A-S 280 Introduction to Photographic Literacy (3)
ARC 280 Visual Culture in a Digital Age (3)
DES 285 Visual Storytelling (3)
DES 380 DIY Maker: Using Digital Technology to Make Things (3)
DES 385 Understanding Websites (3)

Need information on tuition and fees, deadlines and other details for this program? Visit the UK Registrar’s page. For details on refund policies, visit UK Student Account Services. Ready to enroll? Contact Student Services in the College of Design.

For further information, contact Liz Swanson, Associate Professor of Architecture in the College of Design.

State Authorization Disclosure

Per state laws, distance education courses and programs must be legally authorized in a state prior to offering courses or programs to students residing there. Therefore, program availability varies by state. Students should check the UK Out-of-State Educational Activities website to determine if a distance education program at the University of Kentucky is available in their state of residence.

Student Relocation Disclosure

All distance education students should keep in mind that relocating during the course of a program to another state could impact whether that student can continue in the course and/or meet the eligibility requirements of that state. If you plan to move to another state during your program, please contact your program advisor as soon as possible.

CoD offers new online certificate in Digital Design Literacy