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Announcing the Gray Design Building

Design all – Our vision has become a reality. Thanks to a generous $5.25 million gift from Gray Inc., the Reynolds Building will become the new home for the College of Design. With the Board of Trustees’ support earlier today and again in June, we anticipate construction to begin soon. The property – to be named the Gray Design Building – is a foundation for the College to expand in footprint and influence on campus. We have, now, the opportunity to be a more resonant voice, and we are positioned well to provide a new entrance for campus.

The next year will be spent planning for how to live in the new building as a unified College. As you know, the building is an opportunity for working in and standing for sustainability, diversity and equity. It is not simply an act of preservation, but a building plan for a polyculture of ideas, diversity of thought and equitable access to design education.

We are so fortunate to have this singular gift from a family that cares about design in the community. This gift and the indispensable long list of other naming donations affords us the opportunity to focus on elevating our scholarship campaign. This important work has already yielded significant growth and will further enhance design equity at UK, thanks to our philanthropy efforts during the past two years. Look to the website to display more updates on building construction, donations and new scholarship opportunities.

Special thanks goes to the unwavering support of Assistant Vice President for Philanthropy Don Witt for making this gift a reality. Further, the long campaign of giving voice to the College of Design for the new building could not have happened without the past seven years of steadfast dedication and skill of Julie Wilson, Daniel Livingston, Joe Brewer and Charlotte Leedy. Additional gratitude goes out to Jeff Fugate, Bill Massie, Pooya Mohaghegh and the College Building Committee for their service and optimism during the Design Phase.

with gratitude —

Mitzi Vernon, Dean

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Announcing the Gray Design Building