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The meaning and intention that drives philanthropy matters more than the quantitative sum. We give what we can: because education is the most important tool to evolve the human condition and because we want to add our voice to that chorus.

I do believe that how we make our place in the world, and how we interface with it, sustains us. All scales of design are critical for how we shape our surroundings, and your gift helps us allow students to imagine the impossible.

Your gift to the College of Design allows us to actually make it happen: scholarships that will enable future generations to take part in shaping our world; expansion of program offerings to diversify student portfolios; state-of-the-art facilities that introduce students to the research and fabrication worlds in front of them.

Did you know that UK graduates earn 25% more in 20 years than the national average? Help us continue to set up our students for their future success.