Frequently Asked Questions – University of Kentucky College of Design
Lindsey Fay's 1st-year interiors studio in Spring 2016
Work by Ashlyn Jones in Patrick Lee Lucas
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request information about the College of Design to be sent to me?

We’re glad that you’re interested! Please contact us at to request information about the College of Design at University of Kentucky.

How do I schedule a visit to UK?

To schedule a visit to the University, go to

How do I schedule a visit to the College of Design?

To schedule a visit, please contact the College of Design at 859-323-4256 or

Where do I park when I come for a tour?

Parking is available in Parking Structure 5, located on South Limestone. There is a pedway on the third floor of the parking structure that leads directly to the Visitor’s Center. Please have your parking ticket validated here for free parking.

Are there open houses or programs available to potential students?

Yes, visit the News + Events page for all upcoming programs.

What high school classes do you advise potential students to take?

We recommend any AP courses that satisfy University of Kentucky core requirements. Calculus and Physics are good preparatory classes for program requirements. Art and creativity classes can be beneficial for both architecture and interior design. For further information, please contact the College of Design Student Services Office, 108 Pence Hall.

How do I apply to UK?

To apply to UK, please visit

I applied to UK; now what?

If you have any further questions, or need assistance with the application process, please contact us at or 859-323-4256.

What are the application deadlines?

Undergraduate program application deadlines are as follows:

Early Action Track: December 1
Regular Action Track: February 15

Applications will be accepted after February 15 as space in the program is available.

What is the average ACT/SAT score of incoming students?

The College of Design does not have a specific score requirement. All application components are taken into consideration for admission decisions.

The University of Kentucky has implemented a test-optional policy through the 2028-29 academic year. This allows freshman applicants, as well as transfer applicants with fewer than 24 credit hours, the option to be considered for admission without submission of ACT or SAT scores.

The Office of Undergraduate Admission is able to evaluate applicants for admission without the use of test scores by reviewing the rigor of high school coursework, activities and engagement outside the classroom as well as a written essay.

Once I’m accepted, what’s my next step?

At the point of admission, we ask that you complete and return to us the acceptance and enrollment forms that are included with your admission letter, along with a 2”X3” recent photograph of yourself. Please visit to register for a BBN Orientation to confirm your spot in the class.

Are there scholarships available to incoming/current students?

Yes, please contact Student Services in the College of Design at 859-257-4365 for more details.

I’m an incoming freshman. What computer is recommended?

Consult our Computer Specifications for our full computer recommendations.

I attended GSA/GSP and was told I could be automatically accepted to the College of Design. What do I do now?

Yes, all GSA/GSP students are automatically accepted into College of Design programs. Although your acceptance is automatic, we do still require you to complete a College of Design application found here.

Do I have to be a part of a College of Design program to take College of Design courses?

A limited number of architectural and interior design courses are available for non-majors. For example, ID 161, ID 162, ID 101, ID 102, ARC 111, HP 101, DES 101. For further information, please contact the College of Design Student Services Office.

Does the College of Design offer summer courses or studios?

Yes, the majority of summer courses are part of Education Abroad programs. For further information, please contact the College of Design Student Services Office.

Does the College of Design require co-ops or internships?

No, but we encourage students to gain real-world experience through spring break shadowing and practice previews, internships, education abroad treks, and any other ways to get to know the world and the place of design within it.

What is the job placement rate of College of Design graduates?

This varies from year to year. But, for example, nearly every 2016 graduate of the School of Interiors has a job. Some had them before graduation but more typically the transition to the profession occurs in the first few months after graduation. Because so many of our students participate in shadowing and internships, these transitions often happen at some of the very same firms and in the very same cities where students have spent some time.

Where do some recent College of Design graduates work?

All over the United States and around the world. Though a strong concentration in Kentucky, we have graduates practicing in major metropolitan areas such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, as well as regional cities – Nashville, Cincinnati, Louisville, St. Louis, and Lexington. One graduate from the School of Interiors recently got a job in Dublin, Ireland.

What type of faculty can I expect at the College of Design?

Faculty with wide-ranging educational and life experience. Design happens from so many perspectives that one of the qualities we seek in our faculty as a whole is diversity of talent and training. The more ways that students can see the world through these various perspectives, the better off they will be in making the transition to the professional world where they will encounter, as graduates, that same broad spectrum of viewpoints.

What is “studio culture,” and how can I be prepared for it?

Studio culture is part think tank, part petri dish…a place where anything can happen and often does. Because the college has committed work spaces for every student that remains theirs each semester, students find many types of peers in studio who help them stretch and see various design perspectives and approaches. Usually messy, these creative spaces help students bond, provide locations for one-on-one interactions with design professors, and produce world-class work.

I’m a parent and have questions about the College of Design. Who should I contact?

Please contact the College of Design at or 859-323-2747.