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Documenting Change

The College of Design was awarded a UK Sustainability Challenge Grant to document the adaptive reuse of the Gray Design Building and preserve the building’s history through documentation, education, and interpretation — from its start as a tobacco warehouse through its varied occupations by University programs to its upcoming use as the new home for the College of Design.

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Documenting Change, a project funded by a UK Sustainability Challenge Grant, seeks to capture the educational opportunities presented by the construction of the College of Design’s new home. By examining the life of the former Reynolds Building, its multiple uses, and its physical evolution into the Gray Design Building, the project leverages an ongoing construction project to create educational experiences that illustrate the importance of adaptive reuse as a tool for sustainability.

Specifically, the goals of the project include:

  • Documenting and archiving the history, evolution, and adaptive reuse of the Reynolds / Gray Building.
  • Creating and curating content for educators and the community focused on sustainability, adaptive reuse, and historic preservation.
  • Disseminating information, first through online resources and then through interpretive integration into the new building.

In addition to archival research, photo documentation, site assessment, and 3D digital site models created using LIDAR, Documenting Change will also provide a series of learning modules on sustainability, historic preservation, and documentation, as well as articles about the people and products involved in the project.

students in Gray Design Building

Historical Photos

Construction Photos - June - August 2023

Learning Modules