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COVID-19 Information

Mask Up

Wash Your Hands

Physical Distance

University COVID-19 Resources

Student Testing

All students who are, or will be, coming to campus are required to receive a test. If you plan to participate in on-campus testing, the last available testing date is Aug. 22. You should schedule your test in advance of this date. For off-campus testing, you should do so within 7 days of the date you first plan to arrive on campus (for students living on campus, this is your move-in date). For complete details, visit: https://www.uky.edu/coronavirus/students/testing-screening-and-tracing

Student Screening

CDC recommendations and emerging data underscore the importance of daily symptom checks. Students will receive a START kit with appropriate information, instructions and PPE. Click on this link for all of your screening questions: https://www.uky.edu/coronavirus/health-and-safety/screening

Course Delivery

Have questions about how your classes will be taught? Check out all the details here: https://www.uky.edu/coronavirus/academics

PPE and Social Distancing

Wearing masks will be required on campus unless alone in a room, or when it would interfere with required curricular requirements and activities. Social distancing practices should be utilized at all times. For more information, visit: https://www.uky.edu/coronavirus/health-and-safety/ppe-social-distancing-and-isolation

Counseling Support

Need some mental health support as we navigate all of these changes? There are plenty of online and in-person options through the Counseling Center. https://www.uky.edu/counselingcenter

Regular Updates

The College of Design will continue to share updates as they become available. For all official UK Coronavirus news and support, please visit: https://www.uky.edu/coronavirus