2021-2022 College of Design Committees – University of Kentucky College of Design
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2021-2022 College of Design Committees

Mitzi Vernon, Dean, is an ex-officio member of all college committees. Committee chairs listed in bold.


Bill Massie, Architecture (‘22)
Andrew Manson, Architecture (‘23)
Julie Riesenweber, Historic Preservation (‘22)
Aanya Chugh Interiors (‘23)
Helen Turner, Interiors (‘22)
Justin Lund, Product Design, (‘23)
Bruce Swetnam, Dean of Students (Ex-Officio)
Azhar Swanson, Student Affairs (Ex-Officio)

Lectures + Exhibitions

Martin Summers, Architecture (‘23)
Stephen Slaughter, Architecture (‘23)
Ingrid Schmidt, Interiors (‘23)
Hannah Dewhirst, Interiors (‘22)
Emily Bergeron, Historic Preservation (‘22)
Pooya Mohaghegh, Product Design (‘23)
Don Witt, Director of Philanthropy (Ex-Officio)
Director of Communications (Ex-Officio)
Lakesha Ferguson, Administrative Services Assistant (Ex-Officio)
Architecture Student (‘20)
Korie Krake (‘22)
Historic Preservation Student (‘20)
Product Design Student (‘22)

Honors and Awards

Dan Vivian, Historic Preservation (‘23)
Johanna Heinrichs, Architecture (‘22)
Gary Rohrbacher, Architecture (‘23)
Allison Carll White, Interiors (‘22)
Joe Rey-Barreau, Interiors (‘22)
SK Obrien, Product Design (’23)
Don Witt, Director Philanthropy (Ex-Officio)
Lauren Hogsed, Assistant Dean for Finance & Administration (Ex-Officio)
Aaron Vaught, Student Services (Ex-Officio)

Social Media Committee

Regina Summers, Architecture (‘23)
Lindsey Fay, Interiors (‘22)
Travis Rose, Historic Preservation (‘22)
Director of Communications (Ex-Officio)
Amy Foulkes, Recruitment Officer (Ex-Officio)
Lindsey Axon (‘22)
Architecture Student (‘20)
HP Student (‘20)
Product Design Student (‘22)

College Faculty Council

Patrick Lee Lucas
Wallis Miller
Joe Rey-Barreau
Liz Swanson
Gary Rohrbacher
Mike McKay
Jason Scroggin
Anne Filson
Mark O’Bryan
Allison Carll White
Martin Summers
Lindsey Fay
Helen Turner (new appointment)
Dan Vivian
Bill Massie


Patrick Lee Lucas, Interiors (‘22)
Travis Rose, Historic Preservation (‘23)
Andrew Manson, Architecture (‘22)

Nominating Committee

Julie Riesenweber, Historic Preservation (‘23)
Allison Carll-White, Interiors (‘22)
Johanna Heinrichs, Architecture (‘23)
Jon Mills, Product Design (‘23)