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2018-2019 College of Design Committees

Mitzi Vernon, Dean, is an ex-officio member of all college committees. Committee chairs listed in bold.


Brent Sturlaugson, Architecture (’19)
Andrew Manson, Architecture (’21)
Julie Riesenweber, Historic Preservation (’19)
Patrick Lucas, Interiors (’21)
Lindsey Fay, Interiors (’19)
Bruce Swetnam, Dean of Students (Ex-Officio)
Azhar Swanson, Student Affairs (Ex-Officio)

Lectures + Exhibitions

Martin Summers, Architecture (’21)
Angus Eade, Architecture (’21)
Gregory Marinic, Interiors (’19)
Helen Turner, Interiors (’19)
Doug Appler, Historic Preservation (’19)
Remona Edenfield, Director of Philanthropy & Alumni Relations (Ex-Officio) [as of November 21, 2018]
Julie Wilson, Director of Communications (Ex-Officio)
Sabrina Brewer, Administrative Services Assistant (Ex-Officio)

Honors and Awards

Emily Bergeron, Historic Preservation (’19)
Jason Scroggin, Architecture (’19)
Brent Sturlaugson, Architecture (’21)
Christine Mobley, Interiors (’19)
Barb Young, Interiors (’19)
Remona Edenfield, Director Philanthropy & Alumni Relations (Ex-Officio) [as of November 21, 2018]
Lauren Hogsed, Assistant Dean for Finance (Ex Officio) [as of October 1, 2018]

Media Committee

Mike McKay, Architecture (’19)
Brad Rodriguez, Architecture student (’19) Regina Summers, Architecture (’21)
Rebekah Radtke, Interiors (’19)
Emily Preece, Interiors student (’19)
Travis Rose, Historic Preservation (’19)
Christina Rieth, HP student (’19)
Julie Wilson, Director of Communications (Ex-Officio)
Daniel Livingston, Principal Graphic Designer (Ex-Officio)
Director of Recruitment (Ex-Officio)

College Faculty Council

Wallis Miller, Architectur
Joe Rey-Barreau, Interiors
Tony Roccanova, Architecture
Jerzy Rozenberg, Architecture
Liz Swanson, Architecture [as of November 14, 2018]
Gary Rohrbacher, Architecture (Sabbatical Fall 2018)
Mike McKay, Architecture
Jason Scroggin, Architecture
Anne Filson, Architecture (Sabbatical Fall 2018)
David Biagi, Architecture
Mark O’Bryan, Architecture
Allison Carll White, Historic Preservation
Greg Luhan, Architecture
Gregory Marinic, Interiors

College Faculty Council Subcommittees


Barb Young, Interiors (’19)
Julie Riesenweber (’21)
Andrew Manson, Architecture (’19)

Nominating Committee

Doug Appler, Historic Preservation (’21)
Christina Birkentall, Interiors (’19)
Mark O’Bryan, Architecture (’19)

University Senate

Greg Luhan (’19)
Allison Carll White (’20)

Joint appointment without voting rights

Hans Gesund

Technology Committee

Members TBA