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Gary Rohrbacher / Anne Filson Architecture Studio
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About Architecture

A History of Building Something New

The College of Design School of Architecture at the University of Kentucky offers a four-year undergraduate program – the only accredited architecture program in Kentucky – leading to a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture. This degree combines a broad liberal arts education with a foundation in the theory and practice of architecture. With a rich history of industry-renowned faculty and alumni designing internationally, the School of Architecture prepares students for a myriad of professional opportunities.

Studios provide a social and curricular framework for the architecture student. Representational skills such as drawing, model making and computer modeling are practiced rigorously as essential skills for design. In addition to the design studio, students study building technology; materials and structural systems; digital fabrication techniques; the history, theory and criticism of architecture; and the ethical and professional principles of a successful architecture practice.

Students learn contemporary processes such as prototyping to solve problems, and innovate new solutions.

Future-proof Your Career

Students also learn contemporary processes such as prototyping to solve problems, and innovate new solutions. Prototypes, three-dimensional physical models, are created with digital design and fabrication tools and technologies such as CNC milling, 3-D printing, and laser cutting. Prototypes can be created quickly allowing students to propose solutions, examine results, redefine problems, and propose new solutions. In the School of Architecture, prototyping has come to define a new model of design research in which the focus is not so much on the creation of a final design but rather on the creation of design knowledge itself.

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Master's Program

The School of Architecture’s Master of Architecture degree is fully accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB). The four-year bachelor’s degree in architecture qualifies students for careers in architectural offices, building construction, development and public agencies. To become a licensed architect in Kentucky and other states, the graduate must complete a two-year Master of Architecture program. Both degree programs are offered at the University of Kentucky.