The side of a modern building made of windows where the viewer can look in.

Fall 2015 College of Design Faculty/Staff Retreat at Wild Turkey Visitors Center

Photo by GLINT Studios

The Power of Place
The Power of Place

The Dean Distilled

38°84° is more than a logotype or mark. While it symbolizes this moment forward for the College of Design at the University of Kentucky, it is also a specific place. The beautiful feature of coordinates is that they make every point in space real. These representations point to tangible topography – elevation, texture, color and history. 38°N, 84°W is Lexington, which sits inside a diverse Kentucky landscape of limestone with water that cuts through it producing the industries of the Commonwealth – from ruralscape to urban space.

Instead of Lexington and Kentucky being a second- or third-tier part of the conversation, we are moving it to the top. In the College of Design, we propose a revised vision about what it means to be in Kentucky and to study design within this landscape. Welcome to the inauguration of a new identity for the college: icon, web, social media presence and printed collateral, including this first issue of 38°84°, the new College of Design biannual publication.

Since becoming dean of the college last fall, I’ve had the privilege of meeting distinguished alumni, practice and industry partners, and other friends of the college. I look forward to expanding my network and yours. Our College of Design has been home to pioneers of the design industry, who have served as faculty and active supporters of our programs. Our history is rich…but untold. This new magazine will change that; it will become the narrative voice for the college. Rethink Lexington, Kentucky, the core of the college’s new signature: 38°84° the power of place.

Mitzi R. Vernon, Dean

Mitzi R. Vernon, Dean

Mitzi Vernon

CoD Strategic Plan

This strategic plan for the UK College of Design sets the expectation that we will deliver on the expanding definition of design, collaborate with and educate our UK companion colleges and set a foundation that positions the College for growth in students, research, funding and reputation. 2016 was a year of prelude to this strategic plan with a focus on a new college identity, complete budget overhaul, and strategic hires. Through this process we are now committed to expanding the foothold of the College of Design within the University of Kentucky campus and beyond.

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