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The Power of Place
The Power of Place


At the College of Design, one of our internal drivers is to bridge our students from studio and study to practice. This page is a place for companies with work opportunities to connect directly to students and alumni, while providing a portal for students and alumni to search for career options.

For Opportunity Providers

We want to create a simple mode of communication where you can share internship or job opportunities with students in the college. All information is for students of the College of Design only, so you know you will be receiving highly qualified candidates. Please complete the form below describing your opening, and it will be sent directly to the college to be posted on our website.

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For Students and Alumni

We have created his portal of opportunity just for you. Whether you’re looking for an internship or a position in your field, this is your go-to source for all of the opportunities that are made available to the College of Design. And because this is exclusive to our students and alumni, you will have the advantage of first-hand knowledge of opportunities that await you in the field of design.

Need access to the online Opportunities postings? Please email julie.wilson@uky.edu with your name and graduation year.

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