Ebrahim Poustinchi Spring 2016 Interiors Studio with Megan Haley
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About Interiors

Strategy Meets Design

The School of Interiors provides engaging opportunities for students to acquire background in systems planning and strategic thinking through the design of interior environments. As the only accredited program in Kentucky within a research-based institution and a college of design, students immerse in a process-driven approach to design in an environment that fosters interdisciplinary study within a collaborative community.

Foundation + Immersion

Students interact with regional, national and international design professionals through shadowing, education abroad, lectures by noted speakers, field experiences and other activities sponsored by the College. Graduates from the School of Interiors begin their careers in a variety of settings including interior design firms, architecture firms, corporations and public institutions. Students may also pursue graduate post-professional education to cultivate an interior environment design specialization.

Students start with solid design instruction then the opportunity to translate that experience into tangible, real-world projects. Put those two components together, and career opportunities abound.

Experiential Learning

Graduates of the program practice across the United States and have been recognized at the highest level of the profession. Through studio, classroom and real-world assignments, students specializing in interior spaces learn to solve complex organizational problems associated with work, place, experience and performance. These professional skills prepare students to handle the aesthetic and technical aspects of projects, communicate with clients, and manage business and logistical requirements.

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