Ebrahim Poustinchi Spring 2016 Interiors Studio with Megan Haley
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Interiors at UK

Why Interiors?

90% of all human activity happens in or around interior spaces.

With that large of an impact, interior designers help determine the livability of a space.

While color and texture factor into the final plans for an interior space, the School of Interiors helps you explore these and other material concepts at the beginning of the process. Maybe felt becomes a wall-covering to reduce noise pollution. A client wants the interior white, but do you realize just how many shades of white there are? This is not HGTV design. This is real life. The School of Interiors in the UK College of Design elevates any notion you ever had of “decorating.”

The study of interiors reaches beyond the fundamental tools of a designer and into the psychological DNA of how people work and live. Think of interiors, like other design disciplines, as human-centric.

You will be finding solutions to problems that we encounter on a daily basis – in the way we work, play, move and live. And with those challenges comes the opportunity to make a global impact through the profession of design in a myriad of ways.

The University of Kentucky School of Interiors advocates for the study of interiors as a multi-layered, sensory-laden, connective way of experiencing the world.

Why Interiors at UK?

As a place of education, we stimulate exemplary design practice and inspire young design talent. An education grounded in research, the Interiors program at UK helps students gain the ability to distill and visualize data, and turn ideas into actionable solutions.

Through real-world examples, we show that design can and does make a difference. For example, take healthcare, a revered paradigm of UK’s research culture. Did you know that UK HealthCare serves 1.5 million outpatient encounters per year? With such a large audience, this allows the School of Interiors to pioneer inventive ways to bring the world of design into the future of healthcare. Ergonomically driven patient rooms and responsive nursing care stations are just the beginning of rethinking the crossover between healthcare and design.

Students have also worked with organizations like the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government; envisioned future spaces for education here on campus; and studied design in other cultures through Education Abroad offerings. These are just a few reasons why UK’s School of Interiors program gives you a leg up on the competition.

The School of Interiors has long been part of the fabric of various communities, some at home, and some much further afield. In our daily practice, we put community first. Many of the students and faculty in our studio and lecture courses embrace the challenging prospect to let the outside world into the academy and to take our schooling to the streets. Rather than just sites FOR design, we think of design IN the community and design BY the community… and in this capacity, we readily serve as facilitators, makers, doers and thinkers as we help address design opportunities in our own backyard and around the world through Education Abroad.

We also work hard (and play hard) to manifest community WITHIN the program. Recognizing that we are all in this together, we provide excellent group and community activities and experiences to bring energy to an individual course, the School, the College, and the University of Kentucky.

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