Veronica Polinedrio

Global Brand Designer

Veronica Polinedrio is an experienced designer who has been working with inter- and transdisciplinary methods to solve problems. Polinedrio earned her bachelor’s in art history in 2011, then a bachelor’s degree in interior design in 2012. She went on to receive an MFA in Experience Design (Konstfack University 2014, Stockholm, Sweden), and has been practicing as a visual designer and design researcher, while serving as leader and coordinator for several community development projects, nonprofit organizations and start-up companies between the United States, Honduras, Sweden and Italy. Her most recent project, “The Welcome Card,” proposes a systemic solution to welcoming and integrating asylum seekers and refugees in Stockholm, Sweden, and is one of the five winners of the 2016 What Design Can Do + UNHCR + IKEA Foundation Refugee Challenge.