Patrick Lee Lucas

Director of the School of Interiors; Associate Professor

Patrick Lee Lucas is the director of the School of Interiors at the University of Kentucky College of Design. An award-winning teacher, Lucas leads seminars, teaches lecture courses, and facilitates studio interactions by engaging in community conversations and encouraging students to think about the place of design in the world. He has led several education abroad experiences for students connected to his research agenda about design and community. He serves as the coordinator for international activities in the College of Design.

The Lowenstein Legacy

Greensboro, NC | 36.072635, -79.791975

A multi-faceted research project about mid-century modernism, including a catalog, several house tour, an exhibit, studio classes, seminars, and collateral programming.


Retrofitting the Retro

Lexington, KY | 38.015764, -84.523717

A joint study with LFUCG Division of Planning and Department of Landscape Architecture to explore new uses for mid-century retail spaces.


Athens on the Frontier

Lexington, KY | 38.040584, -84.503716

This multi-city study focuses on the connections between design + community in the nineteenth century, centered on the nickname "Athens".