Jerzy Rozenberg

Associate Professor

Jerzy Rozenberg is an Associate Professor in the College of Design at the University of Kentucky, where he has taught history and theory of architecture, film-making, and design. His own work, both theoretical and practical, revolves around the concepts of Collage, Assemblage, and Montage. Parallel with Collage, Rozenberg developed an interest in the artistic developments in post-revolutionary Russia, particularly in Constructivism. He is currently completing translations of two seminal works of the movement.
Rozenberg is a graduate of NYU’s Film School where he received a BFA in Film-making under Haig Monoogian and Marty Scorsese. His thesis film “The Machine …” received a diploma at the prestigious Quinzaine des Realisateurs at the Cannes Film Festival 1971. At NYU he has also done graduate work in the theory and history of film in the Department of Cinema Studies culminating with an unfinished dissertation History of Montage under Jay Leyda.