Colby Mayes

Founder - Design Principal

Colby Mayes was raised in Paducah, Ky. He earned a 5-year bachelor’s degree from the University of Kentucky School of Architecture in 1997. During his studies, Mayes participated in a study abroad program with architect Daniel Libeskind in Berlin, Germany and worked for Studio Daniel Libeskind on "Stonebreath"- a memorial in Berlin commemorating the Jewish victims of the Holocaust. From there Mayes moved to Southern California to work for Frank O. Gehry and Associates (FOGA) |from 1998-2004 as associate designer. In 2005, he started MAYES OFFICE | MO in Santa Monica, Calif., which focuses on a variety of small to large scale contemporary projects and urban design. Based in Mayes’ Office, MO Development | MOD was established in 2016 to provide a home for his development projects.