Bruce Swetnam

Kentuckiana Masonry Endowed Associate Professor in Materials and Methods of Construction

Bruce Swetnam, Kentuckiana Masonry Institute Endowed Professor, is an architect who brings professional experience in design and construction into the academic environment. He specializes in energy efficient, sustainable, residential and light commercial projects. He has also worked extensively on sustainable projects in developing countries. His design and technical backgrounds allow him to assist students in the design development of highly theoretical proposals in the Comprehensive Studio. A 2004 NCARB Prize recognized the integrated teaching and innovative curriculum development in UK's Comprehensive Studio and its co-requisite Building Systems Integration. Bruce was honored by receiving the 2005 University of Kentucky Great Teacher Award. Most recently, community based projects developed in the Comprehensive Studio and Building Systems Integration have earned the University of Kentucky's 2011 Commonwealth Collaborative Award and the 2012 NADO Award.