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Architecture Curriculum

Graduate Curriculum

The University’s UK Core requirements complement the architecture course work. This program comprises liberal arts and science courses required of all students at the University of Kentucky.

The School of Architecture in the College of Design administers the program curriculum, and the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees grants degrees. The curriculum consists of 48 credits for the graduate degree for a total of 168 credits in six years.

This distribution of credit assumes that the UK Core requirements in mathematics and a foreign language have already been met prior to admission to the program, an assumption supported by historical student data. It also assumes that the Humanities section is to be met by approved core program courses in the History and Theory of Architecture (ARC 212 and ARC 213).


The curriculum conforms to the following outline:
I. Undergraduate UK Core requirements 30 hours
II. Core program requirements 78 hours
III. Undergraduate elective courses 12 hours
IV. Graduate core program requirements 33 hours
V. Advanced elective courses 6 hours
VI. Master’s Project 9 hours
Total: 168 hours

Bachelor of Arts in Architecture

(Four-Year Program)

Year One
ARC 101 Drawing I: Observational Freehand Drawing 3 hours
ARC 111 Introduction to History and Theory 3 hours
ARC 151 Design Studio I 6 hours
ARC 152 Design Studio II 6 hours
ARC 203 Digital Media Within Architecture 3 hours
CIS/WRD 110 Composition and Communication I 3 hours
CIS/WRD 111 Composition and Communication I 3 hours
UK Core 3 hours
Total: 30 hours


Year Two
ARC 212 History and Theory I:15th-17th Centuries 3 hours
ARC 213 History and Theory II:18th-19th Centuries 3 hours
ARC 231 Structural and Material Concepts 3 hours
ARC 253 Design Studio III 6 hours
ARC 254 Design Studio IV 6 hours
PHY 151 Introduction to Physics 3 hours
UK Core 6 hours
Total: 30 hours


Year Three
ARC 314 History and Theory III: 20th Century and Contemporary Architecture 3 hours
ARC 315 World Architecture and Urbanism 3 hours
ARC 332 Environmental Controls I 3 hours
ARC 333 Environmental Controls II 3 hours
ARC 355 Design Studio V* 6 hours
ARC 356 Design Studio VI* 6 hours
UK Core 6 hours
Total: 30 hours

Year Four
ARC 434 Structural Design and Analysis I 3 hours
ARC 435 Materials and Methods of Construction 3 hours
ARC 457 Elective Design Studio 6 hours
ARC 511-515 History and Theory Seminar (only one required) 1 hour
UK Core 3 hours
Electives 12 hours
Total: 30 hours

Off-campus studio is strongly recommended in the fourth year.

Four-Year Total Hours:
UK Core 30 hours
Architecture Core requirements 78 hours
Electives 12 hours
Total Undergraduate Hours: 120 hours

“The world is changing, technology is changing, the way we make things is changing. The most important thing is to give students a design education where they understand the overriding principles of design, which are never going to change.” – Clyde Carpenter, FAIA

Master of Architecture

(Two-Year Program)

Year One, Fall Semester
ARC 533 Structural Design and Analysis II 3 hours
ARC 641 Professional Practice 3 hours
ARC 658 Design Studio VIII* 6 hours

Year One, Spring Semester
ARC 511-515 History and Theory Seminar* (only one required) 3 hours
ARC 659 Design Studio IX* 6 hours
Elective 3 hours
Total: 24 hours


Year Two, Fall Semester
ARC 750 Design Studio X* (Comprehensive Project) 6 hours
ARC 631 Building Systems Integration 3 hours
ARC 642 Professional Internship 3 hours

Year Two, Spring Semester
ARC Master’s Project in Chosen Concentration (ARC 709, 719, 729, 759, 769 etc.) 9 hours
Elective 3 hours
Total: 24 hours


Two-Year Total Hours
Architecture Core requirements 33 hours
Master’s Project 9 hours
Electives in Chosen Concentration 6 hours
Total Graduate Hours: 48 hours

*Additional fees apply.

For more information about the School of Architecture’s Master of Architecture degree, consult the UK Graduate School Bulletin.

The curriculum for each graduate concentration is listed on the Web in Appendix B at: A complete list of undergraduate and graduate courses follows on page 12.

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